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Switchable Smart Glass Technology

Switchable Smart Glass Screens come complete with a wired cable suspension system, 110V transformer and RF remote control switch. A simple ON-OFF mode switches the glass from being clear (transparent) to frosted (translucent) and in its frosted state the glass becomes a high definition rear projection screen (front/dual projection versions available).

Standard screen sizes range from 50”-120” or custom sizes are available upon request. Alternatively panels can be manufactured to any size and joined to create large format displays. These switchable glass screens have a very minimal look which will blend easily into any architectural or contemporary interior, making them the ideal screen choice for both historical buildings (churches, museums, theatres and concert halls) and modern hi-tech environments (hotels, offices, stadiums, shopping malls).


» Switchable glass
» Power – 110vac
» Frequency – 50/60Hz
» Cur rent – 0.1 amperes per m2
» Power – 7 watts per m2
» Switching – < 1 second
» Operation – (on) transparent / (off) translucent


» Transparent screen technology
» Minimalist look & feel
» Standard screen sizes 50” – 120”
» Custom sizes available
» Wi re cable suspension system
» RF remote control
» 2 year warranty

Recommended Applications

» Windows and doors
» Video / advertising screen
» Museums / visitor attractions
» Churches / auditoriums
» Exhibitions / conference
» Store windows / retail displays
» Concert halls / theatres
» Hotels, bars & clubs
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