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Sun Readable Rear Projection Film

Sunscreen is a revolutionary new rear projection film developed specifically for window applications and outdoor events. This unique screen technology has a special louvered optical filter which deflects external light to provide bright, sharp and crystal clear images in daylight conditions. This is the only true projection screen technology that will perform in direct sunlight.

Sunscreen rear projection film eliminates the problems of blurriness and glare caused by external light and reflection making it ideal for both s tore windows and external display. Sunscreen technology requires images to be projected at 26° +/-5° for optimum viewing effect. Sunscreen provides a cost effective screen solution in direct sunlight – no need for high powered projectors.


» Transmission – 82%
» Peak gain – 6 .7
» Horizontal Half Gain (off axis) – +/-26°
» Ver tical Half Gain (off axis) – +/-20°
» Viewing Angle 120°
» Thickness – 1mm
» High Contrast


» Light deflecting screen technology
» Standard sizes from 30” to 74”
» Custom sizes & shapes available
» 10m & 30m rolls available
» Roll width – 930mm (36.6”)
» Can be applied directly to glass
» Suspended poster system available

Recommended Applications

» Window Advertising System
» POP / POS Displays
» Exhibition / Outdoor Events
» Outdoor Video / Advertising Screen
» Information Display

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